Application of Chicken Manure and Organic Compost to Produce Onion (Allium cepa L.) and Turnip (Brassica rapa L.) in Greenhouse

Acácio Salamandane, Belo Afonso Muetanene, Fatima Ismael, Pompílio Vintuar
 Abstract views: 785
  Downloads: 587

Efficacy of Packaging on the Quality and Shelf Life of Guava (Psidium Guajava)

Tahsabin Afrin, Nupur Asmaul Husna, Md. Mobarak Hossain, Abdullah Iqbal, Poly Karmoker
 Abstract views: 401
  Downloads: 305

Effect of Pre-Treatment on Drying of Red Amaranth and Its Utilization in Noodles Preparation

Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Md. Wadud Ahmed, Mozeda Khatun, Poly Karmoker, Abdullah Iqbal
 Abstract views: 362
  Downloads: 238

Morphogenetic Response of Assorted Rice Genotypes to Salinity in Tanzania

Barnabas Sitta, Sophia Kashenge, Sang-Bok Lee, Kang Kyung-Ho, Victoria Bulegeya, Mbaraka Batare, Rebecca Mwakapala
 Abstract views: 206
  Downloads: 207

Profit Efficiency of Soybean Production in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Christiana Amarachi Ukaoha, Luka Anthony, Olugbenga Omotayo Alabi, Oladayo Daniel Oluleye, Dolapo Benjamin Ajibare, Victor Obinna Njoku
 Abstract views: 345
  Downloads: 907

Sensory, Micrographic and Physico-chemical Characterization of Kernel Almond Flour of Two Varieties of Mangoes Grown in Northern Côte d'Ivoire

Ahoussi Pascal Boni, Abdoulaye Toure, Ahmont Landry Claude Kablan, Armel Fabrice Zoro, Lessoy Yves Thierry Zoue
 Abstract views: 149
  Downloads: 181

Oleosin Expression Patterns and Size of Oil Bodies as a Factor in Determining Oil Content in Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.) Genotypes

Marang Mosupiemang, Goitseone Malambane, Baghali G. Mathapa, Vallantino E. Emongor
 Abstract views: 225
  Downloads: 178

Growth Performance of Wistar Rats Fed Graded Levels of Piper umbellatum Linn (Cow-Foot) Leaf Meal

Sor-Aniabari Ruth Baradum, Dikioye Emmanuel Peters, Reginald Chibueze Ohiri, Charity Uchechi Ogunka-Nnoka
 Abstract views: 362
  Downloads: 181

Identify Problems and Suggest Possible Solutions for Safe Pineapple Production in Madhupur Tract

Shahriar Hasan, Shaikh Shamim Hasan, Soumitra Saha, Md. Riazul Islam
 Abstract views: 375
  Downloads: 404

Resource Use Efficiency and Profitability Analysis of Tomato Production (Lycopersicum Esculetum Species) in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Dolapo Benjamin Ajibare, Luka Anthony, Olugbenga Omotayo Alabi, Victor Obinna Njoku, Christiana Amarachi Ukaoha, Oladayo Daniel Oluleye
 Abstract views: 639
  Downloads: 764

Effect of Biofertilizers and Farmyard Manure on Growth and Tuber Yield of Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Highlands of Kenya

Said Hassan Abdirahman, Joseph J. Mafurah, Paul K. Kimurto, Moses W. Nyongesa
 Abstract views: 517
  Downloads: 490

Phytochemical and Essential Oil Constituents of Piper Umbellatum Linn Leaves

Dikioye Emmanuel Peters, Sor-Aniabari Ruth Baradum, Reginald Chibueze Ohiri
 Abstract views: 282
  Downloads: 259

Nutritional Properties of Yard Long Bean Cultivars in Bangladesh

Anjumanara Khatun, A.K.M. Quamruzzaman, Ferdouse Islam, Limu Akter, Anjuman Ara Khanom
 Abstract views: 536
  Downloads: 254

Effect of Plastic Mulch Color and Transplanting Stage on Baby Corn Plant Performance

Richard Kirigiah, Masinde Peter, Mworia G. Erick
 Abstract views: 310
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Influence of Rice Establishment Methods on Water Productivity, Methane Emissions and Rice Grain Heavy Metals Content from Irrigated Rice Paddies in Bangladesh

Samina Nasrin Borna, Imran Ahammad Siddique, Abdullah Al Mahmud, Rehana Khatun, Mahmud Hossain, Shofiqul Islam, Andrew A. Meharg, M. Rafiqul Islam
 Abstract views: 551
  Downloads: 281

Technical Efficiency of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.)Walp) Production in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Oladayo Daniel Oluleye, Luka Anthony, Christiana Amarachi Ukaoha, Olugbenga Omotayo Alabi, Victor Obinna Njoku, Dolapo Benjamin Ajibare, Abdulsalam Ameh Suleiman
 Abstract views: 311
  Downloads: 335

Efficacy of Neem and Papaya Leaf Powders on the Cowpea Bruchid Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Wolali S. Nyamador, Abla D. Mondedji, Essoham Samié, Isabelle A. Glitho
 Abstract views: 150
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Growth and Yield of Dragon Fruit in Aonla based Multistoried Fruit Production Model

Anika Reza, Tofayel Ahamed, Md. Main Uddin Miah, Md. Ahiduzzaman Ahiduzzaman
 Abstract views: 371
  Downloads: 295