Heat of Combustion of Coffee Pulp and Husks as Alternative Sources of Renewable Energy

Hannington Twinomuhwezi, Pius Wozeyi, Victory S. Igwe, Ikechukwu O. Amagwula, Chinaza G. Awuchi
 Abstract views: 518
  Downloads: 335

Effects of Drying Techniques on Nutrient Retention and Phytochemicals in Selected Vegetables

Patience Natumanya, Hannington Twinomuhwezi, Victory S. Igwe, Sarvarian Maryam, Chinaza G. Awuchi
 Abstract views: 849
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Optimization of Extrusion Conditions and Cooked Vegetable-Chicken Mixture for Instant Banana-Vegetable Soup Powder

Paddy Ainebyona, Julia Kigozi, Ivan M. Mukisa, Associate Professor
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Effectiveness of Beauveria bassiana Bioinsecticide against the Erannis jacobsoni diak

Otgonjargal Khureldagva, Batsaikhan Enkhsaikhan
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Family Poultry (FP) as a Tool for Improving Gender Equity and Women’s Empowerment in Developing Countries: Evidence from Bangladesh

Soshe Ahmed, Maksuda Begum, Afia Khatun, Md. R Gofur, Md. TA Azad, Aurangazeb Kabir, Tasmin S. Haque
 Abstract views: 1097
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Transeterification of a Mixture of Vegetable Fats with the Addition of Phytosterols

D. S. Honcharov, N. A. Tkachenko, V. G. Nikolaieva
 Abstract views: 118
  Downloads: 181

Evaluation of Antibiotic Sensitivity Against Bacterial Diseases Prevalent in Commercial Poultry Farm in Western Part of Bangladesh

Aurangazeb Kabir, Most. Sabina Yasmin, Md. Golam Sarwar, Md. Obaidullah Al Masum, Soshe Ahmed, Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman
 Abstract views: 318
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The Impact of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa Food Security and Human Development

José Guina, Jorge Ferrão, Victoria Bell, Tito Fernandes
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Effect of Fruit Bagging on Eggplant Fruit and Shoot Borer for Quality Eggplant Production

AKM Quamruzzaman, Ferdouse Islam, M. Nazim Uddin, M. Shahadath Hossain
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The first GM crop in Bangladesh – Bt Eggplant

AKM Quamruzzaman
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Quality Evaluation of Dried Fermented Locust Bean and Soybean Condiments

Evelyn Mnguchivir Tersoo-Abiem, Stephen Sule, Izuchukwu Iwuamadi, Esther Obiye Awulu
 Abstract views: 785
  Downloads: 840